Forms and Policy Documents

To save time, postage (and trees!), we have provided our main forms and our policy documents here for download. You may need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader first,rolex replica which you can find here.

Click the PDF icon to download an item.

Link Form Title
Early Years Funding Enrolment and Registration Form
(if you are eligible for funding support)
Parent contract and terms and conditions (fee-paying)
(You will need this form if you are applying for a place for us and paying the fees yourself)
Parent contract and terms and conditions (funded)
(You will need this form if you are applying for a government-funded place)
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Nursery Policies and procedures

Link Title Last Updated
Accidents and First Aid 15 Jan 2022
Alchohol and Substance Misuse 15 Jan 2022
Arrivals and Departures 15 Jan 2022
Behaviour Management 15 Jan 2022
Biting 15 Jan 2022
Complaints and Compliments 15 Jan 2022
COVID-19 Policies and Procedures 15 Jan 2022
Critical Incident 15 Jan 2022
Curriculum 15 Jan 2022
Data Protection and Confidentiality 15 Jan 2022
Dealing with Discriminatory Behaviour 15 Jan 2022
Early Learning Opportunities Statement 15 Jan 2022
Fire Safety 15 Jan 2022
Health and Safety - General Policy 15 Jan 2022
Incident Form 15 Jan 2022
Inclusion and Equality 15 Jan 2022
Infection Control 15 Jan 2022
Late Collection and Non-Collection 15 Jan 2022
Medication 15 Jan 2022
Mobile Phone and Electronic Device Use 15 Jan 2022
Online Safety Policy 15 Jan 2022
Parents and Carers as Partners 15 Jan 2022
Promoting Positive Behaviour 15 Jan 2022
Safeguarding Children (Child Protection Policy) 15 Jan 2022
Settling In 15 Jan 2022
Sickness and Illness 15 Jan 2022
Social Networking 15 Jan 2022
Sun Care 15 Jan 2022
Transitions 15 Jan 2022
Visits and Outings 15 Jan 2022
Well-Being for Staff 15 Jan 2022
Well-Being in the Nursery 15 Jan 2022