About Chosen Treasures Early Years


At Chosen Treasures Early Years we value each child as an individual. As such, our vision is to provide high quality teaching by giving children a chance to practice skills and explore - most importantly, by supporting and encouraging what interests and fascinates them. A place for children to learn and grow in other to reach their full potential.

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Aims and Objectives

At Chosen Treasures we take time to know each child individually as a person and to identify their characteristics of learning, interest and capabilities.  We further create opportunities that allow children to fly by taking control of their learning in order to be the best that they can be. We therefore,replica watches make it a duty that they are provided with a variety of fun activities that excite them to deeply engage and sustain high level of concentration.

We believe that when children enjoy the experiences that they have, it makes learning richer and they remember what they have learned. Our experienced staff merge learning outcomes into activities using actions, experiences, words and open-ended questions to extend and challenge children's learning. We identify and respond to each child's needs and deliver the curriculum through vibrant, forward thinking practice, encouraging them to freely discover, create and explore through play.

This also includes daily outdoor exploration and regular outings to places of interest which offer children opportunities to have different experiences. These are consistent as it meets the care and needs of individual children at each stage of their learning and development. It equips them to gain knowledge and skills for future learning and to communicate effectively with confidence.


We have variety of indoors and outdoors resources for children to access. The nursery places high emphasis on outdoor exploration.  As such, children have supervised free flow access outdoor to explore with their environment, develop self-confidence and self-esteem. These also include nature and messy play activities to challenge their creativity which also extends indoor exploration in various ways to support their learning and development.